As triathletes, we train swim, bike, run and strength, but many people forget about the other critical factor in triathlon: nutrition.

The nutrition you need for any of the workouts we prescribe in the MōTTIV training app are given to you right in the app, within the workout details.  

To get a comprehensive plan for your race day nutrition, so you are properly fuelled for the best possible results, you may want to consider Triathlon Taren's book: Triathlon Nutrition Foundations.  The book will teach you how to calculate your EXACT caloric needs for a race, and give you comprehensive advice on what NOT to do that could sink your race.  

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Triathlon Nutrition Foundations (and the three other Foundations books, Triathlon Swimming Foundations, Triathlon Bike Foundations, and Triathlon Running Foundations) are also available in soft-cover on Amazon.